Frequently Asked Questions


What is iPwish?

iPwish is an online service to help you brand with confidence. iPwish lets you search across the world to see if your name is available or taken. Our free name search checks almost 200 different website domains, over 1000 social media sites and millions of trademarks. And if you wish, iPwish can help you secure your online name thus protecting your unique identity across the Internet. iPwish also helps to implement your business marketing strategies via our online brand monitoring and brand management services.

What services does iPwish offer?

iPwish currently offers:
  1. Social media registration services
  2. Domain name registration services
  3. Brand monitoring services (passive)
  4. Brand management services (active)

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. It is technically known as the uniform resource locator or the URL. Domain names are a human readable method to map and locate a computer Internet addresses.
Examples of domains are and with the characters to the left of the . being your chosen domain name and the characters after the . as the domain extension.

Can I consider a domain name as intellectual property?

Yes. A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. Domain names are also used as simple identification labels to indicate ownership or control of a resource. When you register a domain name, it will be considered as your own property that no one can get.

What is social media?

Social Media is a category of online media or websites where people can talk, participate, create, share, network, and bookmark online resources. It is an online communications channel and includes social networking sites, blogs and wikis, that enable people to store and share information called content, such as text, pictures, video and links. Social media enables content to be created and shared by individuals on the web. For example, any person can use social media to easily create and post their own images, video and text information and then share that with either the entire Internet or just a select group of friends.

What is a trademark?

The strongest form of protection for a brand is a registered trademark. Trademarks identify the products or services of traders, to enable consumers to distinguish between the products and services of different traders. If a trademark is registered, special rules apply which simplifies the way in which it can be protected. Businesses should consider obtaining registered trademarks to protect their brands.

Login and Registration

How do I login to iPwish?

Your account must be registered before you can login. Just enter your registered username and password and click the login button on the top right part of the website.

How do I join or signup to iPwish?

In the upper rightmost part of the website, click the join button and enter the information requested in the form. Just be sure that all the question fields are answered and correct.

Do I have an account profile on iPwish?

Yes. However, the information you have entered in your profile will not be seen by other customers. Only the iPwish team has access to the iPwish customer database and the information you have passed to us. You can change the details of your account especially when you change your contact information. You can update this information at any time.

Can I register using my facebook, twitter or linkedin account?

Not at this time. In the near future, you may use your facebook, twitter or linkedin account to register and login to iPwish will import some of the data in these accounts for you to login or register.

I forgot my password so how can I login?

In case you forget or lost your password, just click the forgot password button then enter the email address that you used when you registered with An email will be sent to you shortly with instruction on how to login and then change your password.

Can I update my social media accounts?

Yes. We will provide you with your username, email and passwords for all social media accounts we register in your name. We will provide you with an encrypted database of login details which you can see and update whenever you want.


How can iPwish help me protect my brand name? offers domain name and social media registration services. also offers brand monitoring (passive) and brand management (active) services.

What is included in the iPwish registration service?

The domain name registration service helps you to instantly acquire ownership of "Internet Domain Names" or "Web Addresses" as your unique identity and address on the Internet.
Domain search : Using the iPwish tool, you can use our free search to check if your desired brand name or domain name is available or not. We can also make suggestions for what you can use as a brand name for your business.
The social media registration service will quickly register your brand name as an account on all social media sites and can create your basic profile and contact details for these social media sites.

What are the benefits of the iPwish social media registration service?

Do you want to ensure nobody can publish content using your brand name? But don't have the time to visit every social media site? Then iPwish can help!

iPwish is an online service for social media registration and profile creation so you can secure your brand name on any number of social media sites across the world.

Social media publishing is now the best off page optimization process for obtaining high search results and traffic from popular search engines. When a potential client searches for certain keywords, you can extend your online presence through the profile pages that iPwish registers for your brand name. From here, you can get client leads from your contact information or you may provide custom services for a specific target customer group. Active engagement with your customers is a big edge for your business and brand!

What other services does iPwish offer? offers brand monitoring and brand management services. iPwish can monitor your brand across all Internet channels and report to you any significant activity. iPwish can also manage your social media accounts by updating your information including contact details, profile pictures, or sending notifications and updates.

How does iPwish domain name searching work?

When you type the name that you wanted to search, click the search button and will search all domain registries to check the availability of your name. The search results will display which domain names are available for you to purchase.

How long does it take to purchase a domain name?

After searching and purchasing a desired domain name, your new domain name will be created and reserved for your use by our systems. All domain purchases are attached to your member account for immediate use and administration.

What requirements exist for domain name registration?

In the domain name registration application, you only need the basic information about you and your brand name. Address, contact numbers, email address and the credit card number or the information before purchasing. Special registration requirements do exist for some domain extensions. For example .us and .ca domains have residency requirements for the registrant.

How can social media be used for marketing by business?

The primary goal of social media marketing is to create and gather an audience to enhance the social influence of your brand. Social media can help your customers to "know, like, and trust" your brand and business services. Social media helps you to build relationships, make friends with your customers, and let people know what's going on with your business. The word of mouth from one customer is more powerful than a thousand direct customer messages, particularly for new customers to understand your philosophy and the service quality of your offerings.

What social media sites are covered by the social media registration service? has over one thousand (1000) known social media sites and has listed social media sites according to popularity and categories. You choose the package of sites which you want to have registered in your name.

Are the social media sites on the list updated?

Yes! Every day at iPwish we review our social media site list. We add new sites, change rankings based upon popularity, and remove sites if they become inactive. Our team is very proud of the quality and the size of our social media site list.

How can I check if my name is already registered on social media sites?

Use the free social media search engineto check the availability of social media sites for your name.

Payments and Subscriptions

Can I pay using Paypal or credit card?

Yes! You may make payments using either PayPal or credit card. All transactions are secured using the latest encryption methods.

How do I purchase a subscription for iPwish brand monitoring and brand management?

Register your interest in brand monitoring and brand management services via our contact us page.